Full Bust Adjustment Part 2 – Bodice with Darts

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By Kirsten Schaefer

Kirsten is a textile and apparel design educator and researcher with over 14 years of formal training and practice in pattern making and apparel design. She has a PhD in Communication & Culture with a focus on the 3D knitting industry, and is currently working on developing smart-textile and apparel solutions for rehabilitation and healthcare. Kirsten spends her free time sewing and buying more fabric than she has space for. Her favourite TAL pattern is the V-Neck Jumpsuit!


  1. Thank you for this! I’m working on an FBA for the Multi-sleeve pattern &, as a beginning sewer, it’s a challenge. One question, if I do an FBA on the Small, do I use the small sleeves & back bodice? I originally made a muslin with the medium, the back & sleeves fit great but the front had a weird drag lines around my bust, excess fabric in the upper bust/shoulder area, & a little bit of a gaping neckline, leading me to an FBA with the small because it matches my high bust measurement.

    1. Hi Johnna! Yes, based on your description I’d suggest going with the small and do the FBA. The extra width in the medium would have provided room for a larger bust, but would not have had the best shaping for where you would want it in the front. A small with FBA will likely suit your needs better 🙂

  2. Thank you for this! How does the FBA impact the fit of the sleeves, back, & skirt? Do you have adjust these, too?

    1. Hi Johnna, apologies for only seeing your previous comment when I got the notification for this one, so I’m replying to both in the same day! The FBA should not alter the fit of the sleeves or any other matching pieces, since it’s not lengthening the side seams or other connecting seams. You should not have to adjust other pieces for the FBA modifications – only the front bodice.

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