Meet the founder: Anki Josefsson

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By Anki Josefsson

Creative Director and Founder of The Assembly Line


  1. I love all the patterns I have bought from you. They are so easy to follow and have great tips all the way through construction process. I have bought the puff shirt and (I can laugh now!!!) mis-read the elastic to be 5mm instead of 50mm/5cm! I ended up throwing out that shirt, and have just made up two more with the right size elastic! Really pleased. I have also made your Apron dress, which I love – it turned out really well. I am, at the moment, making up the tie bow blouse, which I am really enjoying. Lesson learned: read and re-read before I start cutting etc. I intend to make up the High-waisted trousers very soon. Your sizing is just great. I have size M around the shoulders and bust-wise I am a size L. I find your patterns are just to easy to alter for my perfect fit. Thank you so much Anki – you are the best!

    1. Thank YOU Dilbe for your very kind words and so happy you are enjoying our patterns!
      Love the attitude of laughing at your “learning mistakes” and just make another one! Or two. 😍

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